Ahh Hale Nah!!

Ahh Hale Nah!!


Happy opening day of college hoops practice!!  As a new season begins, one Boilermakers career comes to a close.

Donnie Hale is no longer a Purdue Boilermaker.  The redshirt sophomore was highly touted out of prep school and appeared in 32 games as a Boilermaker averaging just 3.8 ppg.  Not exactly what to expect from someone who had a great career before Purdue, but progress wasn’t made.  After the redshirt season many, including myself, expected Hale to contribute and be a great piece for this team in the future, it’s sad to see him go.  With Simpson and Hammons supposedly making strides over the offseason, not to mention the fifth year transfer Peck, playing time might have been difficult to get.  We can speculate all we would like but we will probably not ever know why Hale left Purdue.

As for how this changes the outlook of the season, it affects depth a bit in the post.  It will force Simpson to step up and lead with Marcius and Lawson gone as well and Tacos in the wings.  Tacos will need to step up and provide some high energy minutes this season with the depth chart almost non-existent in the post.

It seems like Purdue has more players transfer than Larry King has ex wives, but many Purdue fans have gotten their wish, a fresh change from last year’s often dysfunctional roster.  Look for a change in Purdue basketball soon, guys like Bryson Scott will not settle for mediocrity and getting rid of a few pieces of the pie might generate more focus and production.

One thing that seems weird to think about is next season there will be no 4th year players on Purdue’s squad for the 14-15 campaign, another sign of the new look Purdue is looking for.

Wherever Hale ends up, we wish him nothing but the best, but this should change very little when it comes down to rebuilding for the future of Purdue basketball.

Have a safe homecoming fellow Boilermakers, and as always Choo Choo, Muthas.

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