A few ideas as we look ahead to basketball

A few ideas as we look ahead to basketball


I wanted to post this...because I wanted to post this. Almost exactly a year ago, I coined a nickname that stuck. I thought it was good one (of course, I'm a touch biased)...but so did PurdueSports.com.

Shockingly, I didn't even get a tip of the cap...oh well; I've grown to expect that.

So now, here are a few more ideas for nicknames of players for this coming season.

Since he's the newest member of the team, I'll start with Jon Octeus.

Octeus Prime

Prime is defined as a period of life in which a person is in their best health or strength. Being the oldest player on the roster, our man Prime's athletic ability and battle tested skills prove to be a big difference maker for our Boilers. Plus, he's transforming from a leader at Colorado State to the same at Purdue. The leader of the autobots is, of course, Optimus Prime.

Next up, another newcomer...the sizable Isaac Haas.

The Green Giant

He's huge...we all know that; so that's easy, but he's also very physically-mature in spite of his young age. Atop of that, his last name is almost the same as one of the largest avocado growers in the world; the Avocado is green.

Sweet Basil Smotherman

We all got a little glimpse of what Smotherman was capable of early in the season last season. He's long, skilled and smooth. Some might say his game is so smooooooove...or sweet.

I'll have more later...chew on these a bit...The fresh-faced Forces of Good will take to the hardwood in just over one month.



At Least We Now Have Hopes To Be Dashed

At Least We Now Have Hopes To Be Dashed