It's Been Pretty Great...

Well, the NFL Pre-Season is nearly upon us, so I thought I'd post my thoughts about what it's been like to live in the home of the reigning World Champions. It's been surreal. I've been a Purdue fan my entire life, I've been a Colts fan since they came to Indy (that said, I'd much rather watch college sports) and I used to be a Pacers fan until the NBA became a travishamockery. So, I have never been around a true champion until 2007. J's from near NY, so he's seen a championship or two...And Tim's Browns, Indians & Cavs...well nevermind.

My point is, it has been as great as I thought it would be; Simply soaking up all of the delicious championship flavors and aromas during the past 7 months. But, there's no rest for the weary, as the NFL season will commence shortly. While I don't believe the Colts will repeat, I actually think they might be better than last years team...much like the '05-'06 Colts were. I believe the offense will flourish again with the help of the slot receiver (Gonzalez), and the defense could be better too if they can stay healthy up front.

I think it'd be easy and cliche for me to predict my early Super Bowl favorite, but instead, I'll pick a few teams that I think have no shot- Here goes. The no-brainer is the Falcons, but I think the Browns will be worse than them...Brady Quinn earned my respect during his career at UND for always getting up despite getting shellacked from time-to-time. That slight respect has been replaced recently as the metrosexual QB has been holding out for top-5 money (despite the fact that he was barely picked in the first round); hopefully, the Browns won't cave BQueer's demands. A couple more team's I'm looking to fail are the Dolphins (why in the hell would you hire Cameron, and nice job passing on Brees) & the Raiders...they are afterall, still the Raiders. More NFL news to come as the doldrums of summer are whisked away by the joys of football season...

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