Talking It Out - MadTown Badgers

Talking It Out - MadTown Badgers


We were approached by Andy Coppens of MadTown Badgers on a dark street corner the other day and after he offered us some fine Wisconsin cheese (free the first time, he said, and then told us to bring our friends back the next time), he asked if we'd like to talk Purdue-Wisconsin. We prefer to avoid that topic whenever possible, but agreed to send him a few questions. Those questions, and his responses, are below. We also answered a few (more mature) questions from Andy and that exchange is over there. Tread carefully, though -- Badgers can be mean critters.


1) Is Joel Stave actually left handed?

Sometimes you’d think he’d be better off being left handed? Perhaps that would help him throw an accurate ball within five yards. Thanks for the suggestion! Considering the fact that Stave is completing just 48.4 percent of his passes throwing right handed, switching against Purdue’s legendarily (that’s a word, right) defense may not due much harm.

2) Is it true Melvin Gordon likes Taylor Swift?

Who isn’t a Swifty fan? I mean, didn’t she just sell like 2 million records of her latest record in its first week out (I had to look that up)?

Keep thinking Gordon is a softy and see what happens on Saturday ;)

3) How much do you guys miss Bret?

Who? You mean the guy that hasn’t won an SEC game and continues to be a world class jerk? Nope.

Besides, Gary Andersen has us winning and playing better defense than we’ve seen in a long, long time. We’ll take that over Bert’s ass any day of the week.

4) UW gives us nightmares due to the past 10 years of games. What’s the sweetest dream that thoughts of Purdue’s football team has triggered for you? Follow up: Is that dream starring Kyle Orton, Danny Hope or a Purdue co-ed?

Rose Bowl…I’m dreaming of Rose Bowl’s. Then again, I’m also dreaming of ruining Purdue Rose Bowl hopes, so I guess that would involve Kyle Orton (insert obligatory YouTube video of Orton fumbling away said Rose Bowl hopes).

However, it’s hard to argue with thinking about running wild on Purdue, and that means thinking of Danny Hope and his hopeless (see what I did there) defense. It also means thinking of Montee Ball, James White and John Clay and that makes Wisconsin fans very happy indeed.

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