Would Anyone Like To Have Sex With Jessica Alba?

Well, you'll have to get in line behind us. Uh, I mean, you would if we weren't all married or almost married.

Yes, that's right, this breaking news just in to Boiled Sports: Jessica Alba is looking for one-night stand, no-strings-attached sex.

Whether she's looking for it with balding, 30-something, fat guys who write their own blogs, the article doesn't specify.

Our intrepid reporter Tim stumbled upon this story and shared it with boilerdowd and myself under the subject line "uhhhhh," which is really all the noise I, too, was able to muster when simply seeing the title of the article.

Sure, this is a sports site, but we do Sideboob Fridays around here and, well, sex is a sport. So is ogling women, especially when you're trying to do it in front of your wife/girlfriend.

Giddy-up, gentlemen.

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