New Shooter, Comin’ Out! The Nevada Predicto

Each BS'er was given a 100 word limit on this week's game vs Nevada, but as much as they wanted to describe their perfect gameday snacking preferences. Surely, that's more interesting to our readers than breaking down this matchup. Also, the photo posted above was chosen purely for the value of showing what a kid from Brian Bosworth and Martina Navratilova would look like. 

Predicto Reviso?

With three weeks of the college football season in the books, we know a lot more about Purdue's opponents and a lot more about our Boilers. So do we think any differently about the outlook for the season at this point? Find out...NOW!

Handsome Hour #97: Same Old Purdue Football, plus Potential Hazell Successors

The Handsome Hour gets together to talk about what changed after Purdue's Cincinnati loss, Darrell Hazell's doomed future in West Lafayette, where Purdue football went wrong, and sort through a list of around 40 potential candidates for Purdue's next head coach. All that, plus revisiting the Danny Hope 2007 decision, weighing an older established candidate against a younger unproven candidate, and BoilerDowd's menagerie of coaching impressions.