Trip to Madison Officially Ends Hazell's Honeymoon

We'll have more later...but the thrashing that the Badgers just handed Purdue showed us how far Purdue has to go before being anything more than a punchline for the B1G.

So last year, Purdue played UND tough and lost in the closing minutes...but got worked by Wisconsin...BUT this season, they lose a close one to UND and get manhandled in Madison.

No steps forward...the backward momentum continues.

I heard another coach's first year being reviewed by some talking heads on EsPN...and they said that while the team wasn't winning a lot, the coach was setting a tone. Well, if Hazell is setting a tone, it sounds a lot like the brown note that Danny Hope's teams used to make.

The defense played their worst game of the season, Henry's accuracy and decision-making were, once-again, questionable...and that's the most- syrupy-sugar coating I can give it.

Purdue was out-manned at every position, out-coached, out-played and little more than a speed bump to Wisconsin's road graders. Sure, Wisconsin was angry...but Purdue showed it surely wasn't in the wake of the Notre Dame loss. They looked starry eyed and shocked as a seven point deficit quickly swelled and the game got out of hand in the second quarter.

So we're now four games into the third or fourth-straight season in which only die-hards can even stomach Purdue games versus the conference's elite...that stinks.

Next up, homecoming v. NIU next Saturday.

Not that it matters...but...

Not that it matters...but...

Purdue-Wisky Predicto: Whiskey May Be Needed

Purdue-Wisky Predicto: Whiskey May Be Needed