Fun With Polls

Purdue makes modest increases in the polls this week after a resounding win over a decent team and a close win over a bad team. Purdue was 22/23 and is now 19/21.

On the other hand, Vitale's favorite squad lost resoundingly to UNC, at Cameron...then against BC on the road, and stayed in the top-10 (dropping 3/4 spots)...They're 6-4 in their last 10 games. Definitely worthy of a top-10 ranking.

UCLA lost two games and dropped nine spots with their two road losses to the extremely-tough Pac-10. In that same power conference, Washington beat two unranked opponents at home and joined the ranks of Gonzaga and UCLA as some of the most over-rated teams in the nation...UW went up 4/5 spots after sweeping opponents from the state of Oregon.

'Cuse went 1-1 on the week, losing to UConn and beating the decidedly mediocre Georgetown Hoyas...and stayed in the top-25 with their seven losses.

I guess it's a darned-good thing the voters don't decide who the national champ will be...

Reinforcements on the way...
You guys know about DJ know he's a guy who can create his own shot, shoot with either hand and is built for the college game right out of high school...but atop of being a rah-rah Purdue guy, he's also a pretty good kid. It should be nice to have him on campus next season for a lot of reasons.

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