The Favorites:

Boiled Sports' Top-Tier Purdue Head Coaching Candidates

Jeff Brohm, Bo Pelini, PJ Fleck, Chris Klieman, Bob Stitt, Lincoln Riley. Plus Willie Taggart.

If one of these candidates takes the Purdue job in 2016, you'll find the entire BS braintrust celebrating for weeks (think Busch Diesel-Jim Beam Boilermakers, pants strictly optional.)

The Top Candidates

Jeff Brohm, Western Kentucky Hilltoppers HC

A former professional quarterback, an offensive guru, and a rising star in the coaching ranks, Jeff Brohm claims co-#1 on the Boiled Sports' Wishlist. Brohm can afford to be selective with his next step, but Purdue can offer a comfortable raise, probably a Ford Fiesta, and a wonderful spot in the Big Ten West.

Jeff Brohm should be at the top of AD Mike Bobinski's shortlist. Is he good fit at Purdue? Would take the job? Dave has the scoop:


Bo Pelini, Youngstown State Penguins HC

The 48 year old (!!!) Bo Pelini's name started rattling around in the BS World Headquarters the instant Nebraska kicked Bo, Carl, and Anya the cat to the curb. It started out as a joke, but morphed into so much more.

Purdue would give Pelini a Power-5 opportunity to rebuild his reputation, a nice pay raise, and a shot at Nebraska every single year. Pelini would give Purdue instant credibility, just the right amount of crazy, and @FauxPelini. Get on the hype train.


The Unanimous Targets

#3: PJ Fleck, Western Michigan Broncos HC

Yeah, listen, we know he's a crazy person. And he hasn't had a lot of sustained success. And his entire philosophy revolves around boats and oars and avoiding Turdville. But Purdue needs a serious jolt of energy in its football program, and Phillip John Fleck is the energy-est of them all.

R.O.W.  T.H.E.  B.O.A.T.

#4: Chris Klieman, North Dakota State Bison HC

The latest to lead the FCS football machine that is NDST, Klieman is a two time champion, and a brilliant offensive mind that played a key role in the development of Philadelphia Eagles' QB Carson Wentz.

He also beat Brock Spack for the 2014 FCS Championship, and much like the Highlander, it means that he's now Purdue's favorite FCS coach.

#5: Bob Stitt, Montana Grizzlies HC

He's your favorite coach's favorite coach, an offensive innovator with a constantly-inquisitive mind, 52 years old, has a ton of history coaching in the middle of the Great Plains, and never held a Power 5 job. Psssh, when has that combination ever worked at Purdue?

#6: Lincoln Riley, Oklahoma Sooners OC

OK, let's get this out of the way now. Riley isn't coming to Purdue, and would probably be best served waiting on Bob Stoops to move on or retire. But every single Power 5 coaching wishlist should include the young air-raid disciple.


Honorable Mention

Willie Taggart, USF Bulls HC

Willie Taggart has rebuilt two programs (WKU and USF), has a dynamic offensive system, is young, and has lengthy Midwest connections. He was a candidate in 2012 (after Danny Hope), and he'd be a home-run 2016 hire for Purdue.

The "Typical Purdue" Hire

Bob Diaco, Connecticut Huskies HC

He's young, in the right price-range, has Midwest and Notre Dame connections, insane quotes, and an incredible haircut-jawline combination. Bob Diaco is the perfectly "meh" hiring Purdue would make during the Morgan Burke era.