About the BS Staff

We're just a few men, standing in front of the internet, asking it to love us. 

Boiled Sports was founded in November 2006 by J and B-dowd after many years of group "reply all" emails with their friends about Purdue sports. Eventually the content got to the point where it seemed like maybe others would like to read the ramblings of madmen who follow Purdue football and basketball. 

Boiled Sports is the godfather of Purdue sports blogging and reviled by the Purdue athletic department as well as the kinds of Purdue fans who mean-mug you when you cheer to loudly at games. Just let Maude do her damn crossword puzzle, will you? 

Our Incompetent Staff

Boilerdowd -- A former Olympic ice dancer, Boilerdowd's real name is Bartholomew Dowd and he resides in Indianapolis, IN. He enjoys cosmos, Cosmopolitan Magazine and cosmopolitan men's fashions.

J Money -- The engine that makes Boiled Sports go, he's known Boilerdowd for over 20 years and feels this is his ticket to sainthood. He's the best writer and most handsome guy on staff. He is also right an astonishing amount of the time yet Aneesh refuses to acknowledge this staggering accuracy and soothsaying ability. Twitter: @JL_voice

Aneesh the Swamy -- Pale, short and unassuming, Aneesh is not someone you'd expect to like basketball as much as he does. Yet there he is, writing love letters to Matt Painter and demanding the Fathead people give him a Ray Davis fathead right now.

zlionsfan -- A hand model in his spare time, zlionsfan is actually Dave and he's a whiz with numbers. His statistical analysis is rivaled only by his baking ability. He can be usually be found in the kitchen or crying over Detroit Lions-themed cupcakes.

therailroadtie -- therailroadtie is definitely a real person and not simply one of Aneesh's multiple personalities. He talks about writing a lot, and sometimes actually does it.

APBoiler -- Andy is the newest member of the Boiled Sports team. While he brings no true value to the BS brand, his presence is a constant reminder to the other writers that they are not the weakest link. And that's something.