Shoutout to  Chris Harter (@PurdueO)  for the BS facetoons.

Shoutout to Chris Harter (@PurdueO) for the BS facetoons.

The Handsome Hour and the Purdue Basketball Beat are the award-winning* Boiled Sports podcasts that make up the unrivaled* Boiled Sports Podcast Network.


About The Handsome Hour 

The Handsome Hour has been downloaded over 43 million times** and has over 150 million listens**, hosted by the handsome duo of JMoney and Boilerdowd. Guests have included:

  • Derek Schultz, soft core porn star and part time Indianapolis radio personality.
  • Brendan Murphy, local West Lafayette hot dog eating champion & Boilermaker opinion-giver.
  • Clayton Duffy of Boiler Radio, Murphy's life partner and handsome-voiced.
  • Albert Evans, former Boilermaker safety.
  • Ryne Smith, former Boilermaker shooting guard.

Latest episodes:

About The Purdue Basketball Beat 

The Purdue Basketball Beat has been downloaded at least five more times than the Handsome Hour, but who's counting. Your nearly-as-handsome hosts are Mike (@TheRailroadTie), Andy (@Purduebball), and Aneesh (@aneeshswamy). 

There have been a ton of famous guests, but we lost the original recordings.**** The ones we still have a record of include:

Latest episodes:

* No awards have technically been won, and "unrivaled" just means lonely. 
** These numbers are approximate. 
*** No one else really famous, actually. 
**** This is a real thing.