We've been planning to put up a version of FAQs about us and the site for, ohhh, about two or three years. But it always seemed to self-important. And it is. Also, questions aren't asked about us enough to be considered frequently asked.

So we now present to you the BS Rarely Asked Questions, or RAQs, if you will.


Who the hell are you guys?

Does it matter? We’re six dudes who like to discuss sports. We live in Oregon (Hank), North Carolina (Andy), Pittsburgh (Aneesh) Indianapolis (boilerdowd & Dave) and New Jersey (J Money). As a result of this spread-out-ness, we have some varying sports opinions...mine are correct, or course. As you read this, you know who I am since you're such a big fan of the site.

So what brings you all together?

We all attended Purdue from the early 1950s (Dave) to 20-teens (the three whippersnappers). We suffered through Akers and Colletto, all the way to Hazell...so we remember bowls fondly (even real January 1 bowls), and know how much it stinks to have our Boilers home for the holidays. We also all spent a lot of time in Mackey Arena, from back when Keady had color in his hair that wasn't from a bottle to the Painter era...we know good basketball as well as garbage when we see it.

What’s with the dorky code names?

Oh, that. Yeah, well, we each have day jobs and actual careers and when we began, we thought it might not make sense to splash our real names out there all over the place – our employers/clients/pastors might not like it that much. So we went with “handles” that sort of have something to do with our real names but aren’t precisely our real names. You might hear/see our given names now and then and some of our readers know us personally so it’s not like, some secret crusade, but just a way to keep it semi-anonymous. Besides, there’s no reason to care about who we really are anyway.

So this is a Purdue football and basketball site?

Sort of. It’s a sports site, edited by guys who went to Purdue. So yes, there will be a lot of Purdue content but no sports topic is off limits. Purdue football and basketball dominates, and generally, posts will be Purdue-related. That said, we've had Indy Car, olympic sports, Yankees posts and stuff related to high school football from time to time...but if you don't like it, we'll give you a refund of your monthly subscription- GUARANTEED.

You guys seem to miss some of the biggest stories in sports sometimes. What gives?

Yeah, we get that sometimes. While we’re flattered that some readers are coming to us for their fill of breaking sports news, we’re not afraid to say that that’s not what we’re here for. We’re here to provide sports opinion and to make fun of things that we think are dumb and/or funny. If you want a sports news ticker, turn on ESPNews or check out all of the sweet scooooooops at another site. Guess what- if they're scooping it on a blogsite, chances are they're stealing the info from a large outlet...OR it's flat-out wrong. Just sayin'.

Why so bitter?

Oh, well, the thing is, we’re really not all that bad. Our writing is generally kind of sarcastic and obnoxious because we find it funny. We know nobody of consequence is reading this stuff so we aren’t really worried about making fun of Morgan Burke's sweater vests, commenting about the size of Tom Crean's forehead, mocking the arrogant Domers or piling on crappy members of the sports media. Nobody’s feelings are going to be hurt...most of the time. If you don’t like what we say about your team, feel free to let us know in the comments or our email. Just be aware that if you act stupid, you’re gonna get treated accordingly.

You guys wrote something the other day and you’re way off base and I think it’s reckless for you to say what you said.

Good for you. See, though, we’re not a newspaper or a fact-based news site – we’re an opinion site. What we do here is similar to what a columnist can do – put their thoughts and opinions out there and you can then take ‘em or leave ‘em. We love it when people come to the site with informed opinions, even when they differ from ours. So bring it. Just don’t be a jerk. That’s a privilege reserved for us.

What’s with the name of the site?

Purdue is the “Boilermakers” or “Boilers.” Seemed appropriate. And one time a headline when Purdue lost in the NCAA tournament was “Boiled!” A friend of J’s found that amusing and used it often. That’s really all there is to it. Oh, and the fact that the abbreviation is “BS” just seems to fit us well.

When is the Handsome Hour  & Basketball Beat recorded?

Basketball Beat is posted shortly after basketball games during the season...and intermittently during the off-season. The Handsome Hour is recorded irregularly in an effort to keep our relationship with the lister fresh and exciting.

I want to support Boiled Sports in some way or another… do you guys have your own clothing line or anything?

Well, no, not yet, but we’re working on it. Expect something up where you can at least buy t-shirts mocking our opponents sometime soon. If you want to sponsor Boiled Sports and have a banner ad for your business, store, hair salon, etc., send us a note at BoiledSports@gmail.com. If you want to advertise gambling sites or porn, please go elsewhere. And finally, if you’re just a wealthy person looking for somewhere to drop some coin, visit the donate link and send us some cash, yo. We promise to put it back into the site, whether it’s to improve the site or produce more BS merchandise for giveaways or allow us to get to a big game and report back to you on it.

I have a suggestion for something you guys should write about. What do I do?

Email us at BoiledSports@gmail.com. J usually checks the email and it’s one of the lowest things on the priority list so be patient.

What happened to Sideboob Friday?

Most of us are married and no longer allowed to look at boobs. Okay, well, that’s not really why. It was a good feature but it was a pain in the ass and we felt it sort of ran its course. It pops up now and again (hey-yo!), but it’s not going to be here every Friday anymore. If our sports content isn’t enough to keep your attention, it means you don’t love us anyway.

Can I write something and have you post it?

No, you may not. This site may not be anything great but it’s ours and we’re the only ones who get to post here. Feel free to be Walt Whitman in the comments.

Are there any rules to commenting here?

Not really. We’re not like those sites that make you qualify or whatever. We’re just a simple site on a simple, old blogger platform. Please just try to behave in the comments so that we don’t have to moderate them. Moderating the comments makes us cranky and then that will make the experience less fun for everyone. In the words of our fathers, don’t make us turn this blog around.

But I’ve got this awesome joke where I refer to Purdue as… wait for it... Purdon’t! Isn’t that awesome? Or I might just post that Purdue sucks.

We find mouth-breathing imbeciles who do this to be quite amusing. The fact that you’d take time out to come to our site to mock Purdue says a whole lot more about you than it does about us.

Do you take suggestions?

Of course. We’re very good about taking suggestions… whether we act on them or not is another story. Just don’t be offended if we don’t do what you suggest and we’ll all get along just fine.

I’m a female who thinks your voices are sexy on the podcast.

Of course you do.

Do you guys really hate Notre Dame?

Pretty much, yeah.