A potentially positive nugget...

If the two-deeps come out and Appleby is backing up Etling, here are the Freshman and Sophomores that are currently on the depth chart:


Etling Fr

Appleby RS Fr


Dawkins Fr


Da. Yancey Fr.


Mikesky RS So

De. Yancey Fr

Knauf Rs Fr


Rouse RS So

Prince RS Fr

King RS Fr

Roos RS Fr

Kugler RS So


Meadows So


Knauf RS Fr

Williams RS So


Griggs So

McCartney RS So


Watson So


Garcia RS Fr


Williams RS So


Feichter RS Fr

Brown So

(just off, but receiving playing time)

Herman RS Fr LB

Marshall RS Fr WR

Anthrop So WR

Morris RS Fr TE

The optimist would say that the offense could be a mother next year as they get stronger and become more comfortable with the system...the pessimist might say why would you want some of these guys back as badly as they've played. I'd (of course) err on the side of the optimists.

On the offense, 5 starters will graduate (when Holmes is granted 5th year via a medical redshirt), three of those players are on the OLine. Two more non-starters who are currently on the rotation will graduate.

On the defensive side, three guys graduate after this season who currently start and three more who are on the two-deeps.

After really looking at the amount of Freshman and Sophomores that the coaches are heavily leaning upon, a few things become increasingly-clear. First, Purdue's cupboard was pretty bare at a few positions...and second, calling this anything other than a massive rebuild was foolish on my part.

How Bad Is It?

How Bad Is It?

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Surprises Thus Far