Bear With Us

A quick note to our dear readers. We know the new format hasn't totally jived with all of you and we know some of the bugs around the commenting have caused from irritation. Trust us when we tell you that we're working on it and also trust us when we tell you this: We're with you.

Readers are what matters here. If this exploration into the land of networked blogging turns out to be a bad idea, have faith that we will side with you readers and will pull the plug.

That said, let's also just give everything a fair chance. We're early in our run here and we're technologically weak to begin with, which makes it hard when we don't even understand what's being said to us regarding fixes.

As I think has also been noted here, the platform is changing in a few months and everyone at Bloguin HQ is jazzed about it. That should help also with some of the frustrations a few of you are feeling.

Let me just reiterate that in the end, we know you guys are our lifeblood. We're not sellouts and we'll gladly give back the millions* we're being paid if this platform/experiment doesn't work out. You have our word on that.

In the meantime, please do keep us posted on any complaints/requests/glowing feedback you have.

*rough estimate (check has not arrived yet)

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