BS Predicto: Bunch of F-ckers Edition

I know he says he didn’t say it, but Bill O’Brien is definitely a tough f-cker. Just ask Tom Brady how much of an effer Bill is!

The Boilers venture into the land of cow manure tomorrow, a place where even good Purdue teams have come away frustrated. SO what does that mean for a…. uh…. Less-than-good Purdue team?

Probably not good news.


I feel like Wile E. Coyote now when I do a predicto.  I know I'm going to get blown up by dynamite and have an anvil dropped on my head on Saturday afternoon, but I still show up anyway.  This weeks Roadrunner is played by the Penn State Nittany Lions.  They are a middling Big Ten team, but Purdue is a low end Sun Belt team.  As such, I can only assume it will be another chance for some moral victories (that is to say, a drubbing).  Where's the analysis you ask?  I don't care about analysis when I've got a crate of anvils on my head and I've been pounded into the ground like a nail.

Penn State 38, Purdue 7



Is it over yet? This has been a long year for us all and at this point I can't wait until it's over.  Only three more games left of Hazell's first year, will the Boilers get another win?  Who knows, but one thing is for sure it won't happen this weekend. Tears will surely be flowing in Happy Valley for the Boilermakers. With a not so happy record in Happy Valley to begin with, the Boilers are looking to keep this one inside 4 touchdowns.  

Penn State 45 Purdue 14



Penn State is about as unimpressive a bowl-eligible team as you can find. Their most impressive win is either a six-point home win over a similarly unimpressive Syracuse team or a three-point four-overtime win over a Michigan team that believes in running at a nine-man front as often as possible. Their offense is about what you'd expect from a school that put itself in the position PSU is in.

And yet, this is where we are. Stoppable force vs. movable object. I think we're at the point where Hazell almost has to act like an interim coach and go through the roster to figure out what he has for next season and what he needs to focus on during recruiting. The good news is that the three remaining teams on Purdue's schedule are not in the top half of the conference. The bad news may be that the Boilers aren't in the bottom half of the conference.

Ricardo Allen gets the Good Guys on the board with a pick-two as O'Brien tries to make the Penn State lead an even three touchdowns in the fourth quarter. Also, the PS4 is out. Can we talk about that instead?








Penn State









PSU hasn't scored more than 17 points in the last three games...And Penn State is the second-straight 5-4 (read as mediocre) opponent for our Boilers. All sounds good!!

And while my thoughts that Purdue will get crushed this week won't keep me from watching the game, they've kind of demotivated my will to predict. Boiler defense is good for what ails PSU offense...Boiler offense keeps half of the field in great shape for PSU facilities managers.

PSU 31 Purdue 10



When do surprise wins happen? Usually, it’s when Purdue fans have totally given up on a season and are certain of losses. It’s when they’re not even watching anymore, just totally disgusted with the product. And then Purdue surprises you with a win over someone they have no business beating.

This season, it really looks like Purdue has no business beating anyone. So maybe this is the weekend? Maybe the excitable, pinwheel-eyed, Penn State loyalists are shocked (and with no statue to go pray to, either!) and dismayed that their once-mighty program is now falling to Purdue teams that are bad even by Purdue’s standards.

Oh, who am I kidding? No chance.

PSU 33 Purdue 6

Boilers Lose In Happy Valley -- This Is Not A Recording

Boilers Lose In Happy Valley -- This Is Not A Recording

How Much Easier Could This Be?