Coach Haze Continues to Rework the Culture

We've made it part of our routine to observe all the ways in which Coach Hazell is making over the culture of Purdue football. As B-dowd noted, Hazell is continuing to work on the recruiting trail and soon we'll be talking more about who the starter will be this fall (rather than trying to understand why the coaching staff has three "#1 QBs" with none actually getting enough reps to be sharp).

But another thing we noticed a couple of weeks ago was when Chuck Torwudzo proudly tweeted about his top 5 on the team GPA of 3.8. Chuck also posted a photo of a fancy new sign in the Purdue football facilities:


Gotta say, once again, that I love the direction Coach Hazell has these guys pointed in. It's not just about doing things right or seeing things through or being good men -- it's about all of those things. And the winning will then follow.

I asked Chuck if that was from Coach Hazell:

As we've said before -- that's a good thing.

The train is coming. Choo choo, muthas.  

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