Do you like pain?

If the answer to the title question is yes, well, you're in the right place!! A member of the Knucklehead board brought up the  USA Today rankings of EVERY college football team, our Boilers landed at number 112 of 125...Wheeeeeeee!

Illinois' unsurprising season has placed them at 91, IU's and Northwestern's kinda disappointing seasons have landed them at 71 and 75, respectively. Everyone else in the B1G is 58 or higher.

Cincy is 60th, in spite of just two losses, Notre Dame is somehow 28th in spite of their three losses...and Northern Illinois is 12th.

The good news is, this poll is just let's get to the hard numbers, shall we? I figure, we'll all feel better with some stone-cold facts, right?

Purdue is:

15th in punting (That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!)

34th in pass defense!!! Suck on that!*

76th in interceptions (uh oh)

96th in total defense

99th in passing offense

101st in long passing plays (anything over 10 yards; no, I'm not kidding)

109th in sacks

112th in rushing defense

113th in TFLs

116th in sacks allowed

120th in long rushing plays

122nd in scoring offense

124th in rushing offense (poor, poor Wassu)

I'm not a numbers guy (especially really big numbers), so none of this makes any sense to me...enjoy the rest of your Monday!

*please disregard that teams don't need to pass when they're always up two or more touchdowns and can run the ball at will.

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Giving Thanks

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