Faster, Sharper, More Intense

You wanna know the difference between this staff and the last one? Here it is:

"We're gonna pressure them...we're gonna put as much pressure on the guys as we can for the next three weeks and see what they can handle."

With that, Darrell Hazell should have walked off of the imaginary stage and dropped the mic...But he wasn't holding a mic, he was being peppered with questions by the he kept talking.

He mentioned how almost everyone is starting to get it- the coaches want a faster pace...they want sharper focus...they want more intensity.  They're getting it.

Purdue's QBs have looked sharper in the last two practices than they did in the first official day back. They're not throwing as many picks and they are more calm in the huddle.  I don't think any coach will officially name a leader yet, but it sounds like Henry's experience is helping him a great deal.

Another thing that stuck out to me from the post-practice interviews during the last few days is how Appleby sounded kind of pissed when a reporter insinuated that he was on the outside looking in for the starting job.  He's competing...everyone who wants a job is competing right now.  That's nothing but positive.

The ones and twos on the OLine have been looking sharper with each day, but the drop-off, according to a few traditional media outlets, with the third string is it'll be hard for Appleby to climb back into the battle unless he can get more snaps  with those lines.

Local favorite, Danny Anthrop has been showing that he belongs with the ones in corps of WRs...along with him, Knauf and Macarthy have been noteworthy, according to Hazell. Mikesky and Monteroso and Marshall seem to be in the next group, with Torwudzu, Bush and  Mostert behind them.

As the receivers are looking faster, the OLine is looking meaner and more resolute...that has something to do with the crop of young guys coming up and learning...but more than that, it's a change of philosophy- running will be the first priority for Purdue's staff. In pass coverage, Devin Smith and Kevin Pamphile have been protecting the blindside of Etling and Henry very well while Jordan Roos is emerging as a player that could start early this seaon on the right side.

One real positive is that there haven't been any serious injuries yet...a few nicks and cuts, but all is pretty good so far. I'm going to try to get to camp early next week for a first-hand look at what's going on.

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