Get Hammered...NOW!!!

Thanks to all of you who pre-ordered your officially-unofficial BS Gameday's already on the way.

As for the rest of you who waited soooooooooo long to see the real thing, feast your eyes on this handsome t-shirt model* wearing the already-a-classic shirt.

If you want one, shoot us an e-mail at:

boiledsports at

(In case you don't know, you'll have to remove the spaces and replace the "at" with "@". Spelling it out prevents zombie bots from filling our mailbox with credit score tests and ED drug ads.)

Once we've received your message, we'll shoot you a PayPal invoice.  Make sure to include your size (100% pre-shrunk cotton, unisex sizing) and address in the PayPal payment note.

The cost is $18 for the shirt, including shipping...for $2.00 more, you'll get a "Choo Choo Muthas" sticker; that's a package deal that has no equal!!

Order NOW...the train is coming (in 21 days).

Choo choo, muthas.


*t-shirt model is considered handsome by people who like old fat guys and his Mom.

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