GUMBO!! Getting Hammered, Good News and the AAU effect

We didn't really address Brandon Brantley's hiring last week...and I'm not sure why.  It could be because we're slipping in our old age or because we liked Coach Shrews so much.  No matter, we dropped the ball.  So now, we pick it up and frolic run with it.

I like the Brantley hire for a number of reasons...the biggest of course is that he's a Purdue guy.  The second is because he's well-respected in the state for his coaching within the AAU arena.

I'm glad Matty didn't make a deal with the devil and hire a current AAU coach of a recruit with little connection to God's country.  Those deals are for sucks...and they are in that slimy neighborhood of recruiting that so many programs choose to live. What we all need to know about Brantley is that he's a relational guy...kind of like Shrewsberry.  He's supposedly good at helping bigs develop, and players in general seem to like him quite a bit...and honestly, that's what Painter needs. Painter doesn't sugarcoat or BS in his pitch, it seems...I think honesty is good and important. BUT, selling the product is too. Being a little touchy-feely, especially when trying to attract new talent isn't a bad thing.  I'm not saying The Big Kat will be handing out hugs to everyone...I will say that I think he'll be a good recruiter.

Coach Brantley won't be teaching this to his new pupils...

(thanks for the image)

Good New about Danny

After the jersey scrimmage on Saturday, we talked about how the loss of Anthrop was big...WELL, turns out he's not going to be lost for so long afterall. If you read other Purdue sites, you've already heard that he merely strained his MCL (types the old fat guy in his home office). I can tell you that I don't want any part of a strained MCL.  I have a nagging muscle issue in my back that I can't get rid of...and it was from a kickass slip-n-slide move (no, I'm not kidding). I've had it for two years...but I soldier on. After all, I'm a Boilermaker.

BUT, having Anthrop back in a month or so would be huge.

That news shocked me and brought a grin to my unshaven face...but the news of Robert Gregory not being close to the two-deeps shocked me in another way.  I was hoping he'd be a contender to real PT this season...and after watching him a a few times, I was very impressed with his suddenness, low pad level for a pretty big back, and aggressive style.  Anything can happen as the season progresses...but I hope he's on the field regularly this fall. 

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