Not that it matters...but...

Not that it matters...but...


We're going to give you our opinion; If you see Coach Hazell, pass it on.

Some say numbers don't lie, but stats also don't tell the entire story-

Rob Henry has only been sacked four times and thrown four picks in four games. Good.

He's completed nearly 57% of his passes this season. Not bad.

He's got a QBR of 110.6. Meh.

He's only thrown three TDs while rushing for the same time, this offense can't run the ball. Uh oh.

Regardless of what the stats have said to you, if you've watched three of Purdue's games this season, you've seen the same thing: a quarterback leading an offense that cannot stretch the field and an offense that can't move the ball quickly even if it has to.

Early in each game, you've probably seen Akeem Hunt make noise running the ball...but typically, in the second quarter, something seems to change each game.  It doesn't take the defensive mind of Pat Narduzzi or Nick Saban to figure out what's happening. Safeties and LBs get closer and closer to the line as they begin to see that all Purdue passes is delay screens, dumps and drags to the TE. This offense can't stretch the field.

It was hard to tell who was the Sophomore, and who was the fifth year Senior, today.

Rob Henry apologized for his poor play and quit Twitter after the Cincinnati game. Some of you didn't like that, but I thought that was a stand-up thing to try to do.  I think he wanted to show his teammates that he felt responsible for the loss in the Queen City. I think he wanted his teammates to see him lead and get better. But that game, of course, didn't rest completely on the shoulders of #15...and neither did today's debacle.

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The lack of offensive production is no longer his fault. Rob Henry is who he is. Even versus Notre Dame, in Henry's best game as a passer in his career, he didn't light the world on fire. He's a guy who's a good athlete, and a great leader but really isn't a quarterback. It's the fifth year of his career at Purdue, and hopes of drastic improvement, from Henry, or an offense led by him is really just wishful thinking. If Coach Hazell and Coach Shoop continue to start him under center, it won't be Rob's fault for Purdue's offensive ineptitude, it'll be the coaching staff's. They've seen the same things we have on Saturdays.

But...but...but...they see that he's better in practice.

Doesn't matter.'s not Henry's fault the defense couldn't tackle today.

That's true...but it doesn't matter. one is a better leader on the team than Henry.

That might be true, but if his leadership doesn't translate into points and wins, it doesn't matter either. Plus, a real leader will continue to lead on the sideline and in practice, regardless of where he plays or if he plays at all.

Coach Hudson's defense took a huge step back today. They looked drastically out-manned.  But since Coach Hudson can't just change the entire defense, the offense simply has to be able to score...and this offense can' the coaches need to find someone who can lead the offense in a way that it will eventually score points in bunches.

If that means they'll start scoring with regularity in two weeks or in two months, that shouldn't matter...Because this offense, as it's playing right now, cannot win a game for Purdue. Sadly, the defense as it's playing right now can't win one either.

If it's all about time, about getting guys to understand the systems and schemes; I get that...Things have changed. Whatever the reason is, it's clear that this team is not getting it quickly and their quarterback is emblematic of that. The problem is, the immediate future (meaning this season) doesn't look bright...And the longer-term future doesn't include Rob Henry due to graduation.

Henry does his best work with his legs...and this offense doesn't allow him to run.

I don't think Henry should be moved to third string.  In fact, I think he should still slot receiver. But what seems obvious in the wake of today's game is that neither Hazell nor Shoop have any plans to pull perhaps it's time for Henry to lead in an unconventional manner and hand the reigns over to one of the Freshman.

I appreciate what Coach Haze was trying to do to honor Henry as a team leader...but the best way to honor the Seniors is to put the team in the best position to win; something this offense can't really do right now.

There's really no controversy here- It's just time to play Appleby or Etling.

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