Other candidate update (keep your head up!)

We did this a few weeks ago...here's an update of how some of our other candidates from last year are doing in their new digs:

Kliff Kingsbury, TTech

7-1 (losing a close game to OSU right now)

Dave Doeren, NCState


Butch Jones, Tennessee

4-4 (currently losing big to Mizzou)

Sonny Dykes

1-8 (almost beat 'Zona this week)

With the exception of Kinsbury, they are still struggling to implement their systems...even those who took over programs that were in a much better place and had MUCH softer schedules. There is no apples-to-apples comparison, obviously...let's hope weaker competition helps Purdue show a bit of a pulse in the next few weeks. We could all use a little positivity around the program right about now.

So how much of a difference did it make to their former programs when these guys headed elsewhere?

Their ex-teams:

NIU (Doeren)

9-0 #21 in the nation

Cincy (Jones)


La. Tech (Dykes)


Kent State (Hazell)


Not sure what the point of this is...but I can tell you that what Hazell did at KSU wasn't just luck...and it was pretty amazing.

I'm pretty pissed at what I've been watching this season in God's country just like you...but I haven't given up; hope the same goes for you.  It's still damned early in the Hazell era, Boilers. BUT, Purdue's head coach needs to get some of that good juju flowing among the fanbase.

But What About The Other Guys?

We're Back! (to the Akers era)

We're Back! (to the Akers era)