Two weeks ago, Boiled Sports quietly celebrated its seventh year of existence. Just two strippers, a couple of cases of Cristal, and a fistful of hundreds. You know, a small gathering.

Actually, for the first time in a while, we forgot to post on our actually anniversary/birthday and just kept plugging along, churning out content. We try to say this frequently, but thank you for taking time our of your day to come spend some of it with us. We all know here how valuable time is in life and so the fact that perhaps you get some modicum of enjoyment out of reading BS is really flattering.

We launched BS in 2006 as a result of a lack of Purdue coverage, mainly. Several of us would email with groups of friends from Purdue or with Purdue ties debating the athletics, successes, failures, approaches, etc. The emails got longer and longer and more detailed and with more analysis. They began to resemble newspaper columns or blog posts. Couple that with the still-not-all-that-much-better lack of Purdue coverage out there and BS just made sense.

We agreed that we would limit ourselves to just Purdue, but obviously over time we whittled things down to just that -- fully Purdue-centric with the occasional (and usually out-of-football-or-basketball-seasons) off-topic rant. The site took a while to find its groove, but then we began to implement weekly picks/analysis of Purdue football games as well as postgame columns following every football or basketball game.

After a couple years, in an effort to stay hip and current, we added the Handsome Hour, our legendary and well-known podcast. We've reocrorded roughly 80 of those (details are sketchy) and we love doing it.

We've added (and subtracted) some staff over the past 2.571 days, but several constants have remained and become even more cemented. We love our alma mater and want nothing but success for it. Sometimes with love come demands to improve and strong crticism. And sometimes the ones we love act like teenagers and slam the bedroom door on us (a good metaphor for this would be the Purdue Football program's twitter account blocking ours).

This is post 3,332, meaning we're averaging nearly 1.3 posts per day. Not quite Gretzky numbers, but pretty good over a seven year period. Over the site's life, Purdue football is 37-52 (so maybe it's our fault) and Purdue basketball is 170-76 (okay, maybe not).

We've gone from nobody knowing or caring who we were to.... well, still nobody caring who we are, but at least now some of you know our site. And once again, if you choose to stop by and pull up a barstool, we appreciate it. Because we feel like we're just part of the conversation and we're happy to be here.

Examining the Box: Eastern Illinois

Examining the Box: Eastern Illinois

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