THE DEBATE: What say you?

THE DEBATE: What say you?


One of the great things about being a Purdue grad is the network that we have at our fingertips.  I took advantage of that a few weeks ago when I reached out to one of our Twitter connections to see if we might be able to work together.

As it turns out, the owners of Indianapolis' 2:5 Apparel are not only a Purdue grads, but big basketball and football fans as well who I got along with right away. During one of our conversations, a parlor game of sorts came to the forefront.

I think every Purdue fan has asked themselves or their pals what they'd do to see a Purdue National Championship in football or basketball...or a Final Four...but THE DEBATE is an ongoing discussion that my new pal has been having with fellow Boiler alums and fans for a long time.

Legend has it that Matt Painter, Morgan Burke, Brian Cardinal and other insiders have been asked on which side they land in this discussion.  So now you can weigh in...Here goes:



Option (A) - Purdue's men's basketball team wins a national championship in year one...But in the ten subsequent seasons, goes winless.


Option (B)- Purdue goes to ten straight Final Fours...but loses each year in the championship game (a la Butler...but just two-straight).

I knew my answer right away...and haven't wavered.  But I won't taint your opinion by steering you one way or the other.

Weigh in here in the comments section...or discuss via Twitter...or both.

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