USA Saves Mexico's Panceta

This has nothing to do with Purdue other than it was linked on the Knucklehead Board...but I thought it was worth sharing.

First off, let me say that J and I have differeing opinions on soccer- he played it in high school, so likes it a bit more than I do...but I don't like a lot about soccer.  One thing I like though, is to see America winning at whatever she plays.

So last night, the US had a massive and fast comeback versus Panama in World Cup qualifying (if I'm wrong about my terminology, I really don't care). The US had already clinched and won the division or group...and the biggest rival for the US has been Mexico who, I'm told, is pretty horrible right now due to coaching transitions/problems.

Mexico was doing what Mexico has done a lot in the last year- getting beaten...this time by Costa Rica. But Mexico really needed Panama to lose, regardless of their outcome (I guess) to qualify for the World Cup.

The Mexican broadcast went to split screen with the US game taking precedence over their game and their play-by-play team called both games.

My Spanish is marginally worse than my I don't understand a lot of what the guy's saying...until the USA scores one...and two goals and effectively does what Mexico cannot- earn Mexico a spot in the World Cup.

It's a pretty fun clip to watch...even if you have a strong disdain for the boring beautiful game as do I.

Click Here for video...

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Thursday Football Gumbo

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