What makes BS tick?

What makes BS tick?



Let us introduce ourselves...we're the handsome duo.

One of my favorite things in the world is when I'm out talking to Purdue alums and they tell me that they visit the site. Sure, the copious amount of money* that we make here is great, and the women that flock** to us while at celebrity events*** are good too, but knowing that people like to come here just to hang out, hear what other Boilers have to say is what we love to hear.

As we've always said, we're not members of the media...and we really don't report news. There are news sites for that...at least some sports news sites still report news. They've got that covered- they've got the fancy-shmancy credentials PLUS Tom Schott isn't mean to them when they take their places in the media box.

While we love Purdue because we went there and paid a bunch of money to do so (like most of you)...we're not affiliated with the university. Thus, we can say what we'd like to say when we'd like to say it, and not worry about how we're perceived by the administration of our alma mater...and that's what we do.

Why am I explaining this now? Well, it's still pretty early in the school year, and BS spreads like chicken pox among Freshman, we're told...so why not? If you're new here, thanks for coming by. Kick your shoes off, stay a while and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Handsomest Duo in the interwebnets. If you're old here, thank you as well...you're one of us...but you already knew that.

Later today, my pal J will post the latest edition of the Handsome Hour. If you listen, you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll learn...you'll love. If not, we'll give you  a full refund.

Choo choo, muthas.


*Might or might not be more than $0

**Yes, our mothers count

***We went to a tailgate once

By The Numbers: We're Number Four!

Our charge is to never forget

Our charge is to never forget