Here's a Helmet Idea That WASN'T Stolen

Here's a Helmet Idea That WASN'T Stolen


After doggedly refusing to alter Purdue's helmets at all (except in ways in which Nike approved) Darrell Hazell and company managed to get a black lid approved last year that a student conceived. Now, apparently, the successful performance by Purdue football last season has apparently warranted some more variations. This one, though, I think we can all agree was not stolen from a creative person. As has been making the rounds today, Purdue is offering the chance to get your face included as part of the collage within the motion P on the Purdue helmet. As of this moment, it's not clear how many faces will be included or if there may be more than one variation, or if those who do purchase the "honor" can choose what photo to include. (For the record, we're interested in sponsoring someone's VIP card if it means we get to submit the photo to used.)

Deservedly, this has already been mocked, but we're here to give you some real Purdue ideas. Responsible ideas. Ideas as logical as not having lights at Ross-Ade. The kinds of ideas that get you home before the streetlights come on. You know, the kinds of ideas you've come to expect from the paragon of maturity that is Boiled Sports.

As we said, we'd love to get the BS logo on there. Morgan Burke would love it!

Your photo here Purdue helmet BS

Why not honor one of our favorites? A man sadly left out of the cradle...

Your photo here Purdue helmet Trefzger

Speaking of Purdue legends... what about the man who played a key role and bringing Purdue football to where it is?

Your photo here Purdue helmet Hope yay

Or honors other strong decisions from the athletic department:

Your photo here Purdue helmet Purdue Peter Airplane

Or maybe just something symbolic of how the upcoming football season feels (and it's only June!):

Your photo here Purdue helmet train crash

As always, keep up the brilliant work, Purdue athletic department. You're not making our beloved alma mater any more of a punchline than they already are or anything.

So you're telling me it's good???

So you're telling me it's good???

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