Morgantown...Built By Hope

Morgantown...Built By Hope


In case you missed it today, Purdue released information on their plans for the south end zone area. Travis has the rundown here. The renderings are actually quite nice, so if it winds up looking like that I think it will be somewhat better than what’s usually in the end zone – fans of the opposing team and a scoreboard that doesn’t often tell the story we’d like to be seeing. While nothing can be done about the scoreboard right now, making the game day experience better for those willing to make the pilgrimage to God’s country is smart business.

And whose smart business? Why, the smartest man in West Lafayette, of course. Mr. Morgan Burke!

Burke short sleeves with tie good look

Mercy, who doesn’t love a man in short sleeves and a necktie, amirite ladies?

In addition to selling beer, access appears to be open to all ticketholders (as opposed to the limited access of the other beer-accessible areas of the stadium currently) and there will be “six TVs for other games going on at the same time.” I’m quoting Travis’ post there but I sincerely hope that’s what the actual Purdue release said. Yeah, we know the product on the field may be hard to watch at times… so if it is, come over here and get drunk and watch other games.

So what do we call this area now? Knowing Purdue, it will be the South End Zone Fun and BeveragePlex or something smooth like that. We put out a few ideas and got some valid suggestions from some of you on Twitter.

We suggested Party Zone, Burkeville, Morgantown, Home Before Dark, The Depot and The Railyard. Others of you contributed the following:

Morgantown…Built By Hope --@ian_heuer (my personal favorite) The Ade Station --@netdog713 Morgan’s Enthusiasm Habitat, or Meh --@VictoriawxRhino The Caboose --@killakidd68 Morgybear Terrace --@LancerUWM Iron Horse (a lot of steam going in, but just black smoke screen coming out) --@cflory42 Boiler Gardens --@DSnyds14

Several of you went with creative attempts that weren’t potshots at our favorite program and for this we commend you. Remaining positive is impressive.

Still, won’t it be great if something like a #Morgantown hashtag catches on?

“Where are you guys?”

“We’re having a beer in #Morgantown. Come meet us by the TVs.”

Just over 50 days to go, boys and girls.

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