2016 Purdue Football Coaching Search: Scott Frost

2016 Purdue Football Coaching Search: Scott Frost

Candidate Tier: 2

Category: Intriguing Candidates, Dream Candidates That Aren’t Happening But We Still Want To Write About Them


Who Is He?

J Money: Scott Frost, current UCF head coach, former Oregon OC. Frost became a popular name because he got the keys to the Ducks potent offense and did well with it. He’s the very definition of the next hot OC prospect, but it’s fair to ask if he’s a product of the Ducks system since their offense has been prolific until, well, this year when Frost is no longer there. Hmmmm, interesting.

Boilerdowd: He's one of the best offensive minds in football right now according to many...From Nebraska to Kansas State, to Northern Iowa, to finally OC at Oregon as the OC, Frost has learned under great coaches and staffs. He's now the Head Coach at Central Florida.


Why would he be successful at Purdue?

J Money: Frost is innovative on offense and if we assume he brings in a capable DC, Purdue could be exciting again. For all of their failures, Purdue is still remembered by many as an offensive program (insert own joke here) that likes to throw the ball around a ton (thanks, Joe T!). Maybe I’m just a dreamer, but Purdue is slick unis being the Oregon of the Midwest, but as a plucky underdog? I could deal with that.

Boilerdowd: His offensive prowess would please the quarterback-first minded Purdue fans...an innovative, fast system might be new enough to the BT to put some of the competition back on their heels, even with a shallow talent pool.


Why could he flop at Purdue?

J Money: He won’t have Nike money or resources backing up his program and methods. Recruiting to Oregon likely wasn’t that hard because they owned the northeast (and most of the west, honestly, once USC became a non-factor following Pete Carroll’s departure). That will be rather different at Purdue, where spotting the diamonds in the rough will be critical. This has the potential to be one where he institutes his system but can’t get the right athletes there. Hopefully, his Oregon pedigree and a few fortuitous early wins could change recruits’ viewpoints.

Boilerdowd: Look at Oregon...things aren't great now. They're running the offense that he once led to greatness and national prominence. If that offense can fail in the place it was invented/perfected, I'm sure it can fail in God's country. He had the greatest level of resources possible at Oregon. He surely won't have that at Purdue.


Would he come to Purdue?

J Money: Doubtful. Purdue is not a plum job and he’s already a head coach at UCF. And is Purdue even really that better than UCF? Purdue might be able to offer him more money, but so could an SEC or Big 12 school as those slots open up this offseason.

Boilerdowd: Coming to a Power 5 conference with a big TV stage is a carrot in front of most mid major conference coaches that would get their attention. The tie to Nebraska (alum and former GA) might also get his attention. He's a long shot because his $1.7m contract was signed during last winter...so his buyout, coupled with Haze's buyout would be a high financial price to pay.

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