Sunday Came and Went Without a Peep...Now What?

Sunday Came and Went Without a Peep...Now What?

First off, Thanksgiving weekend is over...the longest work holiday in the American calendar is kaput, and I'm feeling pretty thankful. Thankful for my family that I got to spend time with, thankful for this country, thankful for God's grace, thankful for being a Purdue grad, thankful for the few of you out there who are willing to read this very site.

I'm thankful for a lot...I'm specifically thankful that this football season is over, actually (Purdue's anyway). We were all hoping that the end of the season would mean the official beginning of the new coach's era, but nothing has been leaked by any credible source, and there was no presser called today by Bobi and his newest hire. Bummer. And while it's been written that hope deferred makes the heart grow sick, a short wait for something worthwhile is proven to be quite, for the worthwhile part.

There are a number of scenarios that will make this 45 days of prognostication, nail biting and concern for the future quite worthwhile. Hell, there are a few potential hires that might even make the last few hellish seasons seem like they were more than worth it. But, it seems, there are scores of names being thrown out that might make us all ask, "What is Bobinski thinking?" or "Is that really the best our alma mater can do?" or "Have we fallen this far...really???"

My gut says that I'm not going to be disappointed and the reason that we have heard nothing is out of respect to the new guy's current program. If they are still playing and he wants to get them to the official end of the season, that makes damned good sense. A few of the apples of my eye still have a game left before their bowl games will be decided.

Now for the seemingly lousy news (for some of you)-

I would think the timing points to Miles not coming to Purdue...or why wouldn't it have been announced today? Let's remember, he has nothing to do right now but sit on a large recliner made of cash, bound in LSU Tiger bands, while making and receiving offers for what to do next. For the Brock Spack contingent (yes it exists), the same can be said (without the chair made of money part)...and he also has responsibilities as a Redbird head coach. Ohio State is done until they're asked to play in the one of my dark horses, Greg Schiano might not be in the running for the job after all. Oh I almost forgot, Skip Holtz's team is still playing too.

Western Michigan, Navy, West Virginia, and Louisiana Tech, all have games remaining before the bowl season. If you've been listening to interwebnet rumours, three of them really stand out:

1. Miles to Purdue

Maybe we all helped create this one, but the media jumped on it and took the bait that Miles' agents set. I don't think he's going to be Purdue's next coach...we'll see how wrong I am.

2. Holtz to Purdue

Not sure where this one started, but it started circulating about a week ago...The son of the UND legend would be Purdue's next head FB coach. This rumor was met with a collective grumble or groan of, "Seriously?" Maybe some really smart people floated that balloon after some a really great phone interview...or maybe they just did it to get some smoke in our eyes and keep our eyes off of Flight Aware.

3. Fleck to Purdue

This one started a few days ago by former IU Star writer, and current local NBC sports guy, Bob Kravitz via Twitter. It was reminiscent of a statement by our radio pal, Dan Dakich. Well-crafted, modern journalistic crap. It gave him an easy out, sited no source and gave him the ability to say, "I told ya so..." if it comes to fruition. This one gained even a bit more steam when another local Indy TV personality tweeted a similar idea. From what I know, these two aren't connected. PJ Fleck's agent, or Fleck himself denied that this was happening as websites and Twitter feeds spun this hottake as their own.

Fact is, DHR, Bobinski, Daniels and the trustees might all know...but outside of that, I don't think anyone really knows what's coming. Hats off to the parts in place for not looking like the University of Texas prior to Strong's firing...or LSU's boosters who fake fired Miles last season, before really doing it this Fall.

Much like recruiting, it's best not to trust sources or leaks until you see a press conference in which the new coach puts on his new school's ballcap or tie.




(By the by- a Learjet came in from Chicago's Executive Airport on Saturday afternoon at's pretty clear who that was. Jon Gruden connected in Chicago in order to get folks like you and I off of his trail...Chuckie will be Purdue's next HC. While it might not be 'set in stone,' or 'done', you can boooooook it!! SCOOOOOOOOP!)

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