Coach Hazell Calls a Team Meeting

Coach Hazell Calls a Team Meeting


COACH HAZELL: Gentlemen, gentlemen, everybody gather round... take a knee, boys.

[players remain where they are]

COACH HAZELL: Boys, we need to talk about something. It's rather critical... in fact, it's the item I want you most focused on this weekend as we take on Reno. 

COACH MALONE: We're playing Nevada, Coach.

COACH HAZELL: You think so? Okay, I'll check the tape on that. 

COACH MALONE: You can just look at the sched---

COACH HAZELL: Okay, anyway, we need to discuss this one thing, everyone... above all else. There is a mistake I do not want to see made. Can anyone here tell me what that is?

JAKE REPLOGLE: Uh, some of our missed blocks, Coach?

COACH HAZELL: No, that's not it.

JA'WHAUN BENTLEY: When we failed to wrap up on tackles? 


DOMO YOUNG: Some of us dropped catchable balls, right?

COACH HAZELL: I hadn't noticed. Did that happen? I could check the tape but that's not what I'm most worried about. 

DAVID BLOUGH: *sighs* You're talking about me throwing five interceptions, right? Listen, Coach, I said I was sorry. Can I just transfer to an SEC school now or what?

COACH HAZELL: No, David, that's not what I meant, either. 

COACH MALONE: I think they give up, Coach.

COACH HAZELL: Boys, what I'm worried about is the way you cross into the end zone. I don't want you to drop the ball.

MARKELL JONES: Coach, we know we're not supposed to fumble...and we've been working on those drills about ball security. 

COACH HAZELL: No, I mean, when you score touchdown after touchdown this weekend against Carson City--

COACH MALONE: --Nevada, Coach--

COACH HAZELL: --I want you to be sure you don't celebrate too soon. 

DAVID BLOUGH: That's it?

COACH HAZELL: Yes, that's right. That's the game plan. If you guys show touchdown ball dropping discipline, I don't see how we can be beaten. Now let's go! *charges out of locker room*

COACH MALONE: Coach! It's only Thursday!


Predicto Reviso?

Predicto Reviso?

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