Coach Brohm is in the Driver's Seat

Coach Brohm is in the Driver's Seat

As Tennessee's overtures toward Purdue's first year coach continue to get more aggressive and frequent, you might be wondering why an utter sense of panic hasn't set in at the Worldwide Headquarters of BS. I can tell you that concern is about that? BUT, I don't think the writers here at BS are fearful. Here's why:

We believe what we see from Jeff Brohm so far. We believe he's a decent family man who likes West Lafayette, is enjoying the culture he's rebuilding and who loves the players that he's coaching. We believe Bobinski and Daniels have a good relationship with him, and he likes his bosses. That said, we simply don't know everything that is going on behind closed doors. Thus, I absolutely believe Jeff Brohm could soon be announced as Tennessee's next head coach...


He doesn't stop the speculation and slam the door in their face.

He's been recruiting and preparing for the bowl game...he has more important things to do than respond to internet rumors and a passing/fleeting phone call of interest. BUT, when a school admits that they have you in their crosshairs as their number one option, things change, I'm sure

Does he want to be a part of the dumpster fire that is Tennessee football at this moment?

Does he want to deal with a fanbase that ran Cuonzo Martin out of town for reasons other than his coaching style and results?

Does he want to be a part of the SEC more than the B1G?

Does he want to work for Currie?

Does he want to move his family again, almost exactly a year after he did it? Is his wife up for it?

Does he want to live in the mountains?

Do the benefits of making 130% (estimated) of what you currently make, outweigh the pains of trying to re-establish yourself at a brand new place?

How does this move affect your coaching staff?

How does this move affect the kids that bought into what you've been selling?

I'm just scratching the surface with these questions...And I am positive that Brohm is a smart man, so he's probably answered all of these in short order.

If he's the guy that I think he is, we should hear about an outright rejection of Tennessee in the next 12-18 hours, if he's not that guy, this might last a day or two more (either way). If it does, Bobinski hasn't done his job to effectively lock down Coach Brohm. This is a test for all parties involved, no doubt about it. It's also a test of Purdue's Administration's young relationship with Coach Brohm.

If he decides to leave, I hope it's like ripping a band-aid off for multiple reasons. His departure without an absolute home run hire follow-up would shake the fan and booster base's  newfound confidence and enthusiasm...I'm confident of that.

I sure as hell hope Kevin Sumlin's number is handy, if Mike and Jeff's conversations haven't been super productive in the past few days.

Here's to keeping our football coach for many, many years.


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