Kick ‘Em In the Bucknuts – The OSU Predicto

Kick ‘Em In the Bucknuts – The OSU Predicto

Purdue and Ohio State have produced some fun over the years, often when it was least expected. Purdue isn’t necessarily OSU’s kryptonite – in fact, they might be something more scary because when Purdue plays Ohio State, especially in Ross-Ade, they’re….unpredictable. Sure, Purdue could get smoked. They could just as easily take down the #2 team in the country and the weirdest part is most OSU fans wouldn’t be all that shocked.

What does BS think? Glad you asked.



In the 21st century, the Boilers have played the role of Karma, with the best winning percentage against Ohio State of all conference opponents. 2018 is set for more of the same: OSU survived Urban Meyer's "punishment", having sent him to a corner that was certainly not wired for sound and definitely not connected to the booth or the bench in case anyone was asking, and now that he has learned his lesson and will not protect a known felon until the next time he's caught doing it, well, what better response for Purdue to deliver than one that neither the NCAA nor human cash register Jim Delany dare to?

It likely won't happen, of course. But it could. OSU has Michigan in their rear-view mirror, rapidly gaining ground and waiting for The Game, knowing that even a loss to MSU may not keep them from spoiling the Buckeyes' season. Purdue is playing with house money, digging out of an 0-3 hole to find themselves in a pack of one-loss teams in the West. Two of them travel to Penn State and Purdue for consecutive games, and Northwestern still has to play Wisconsin and at Iowa. The Boilers would be dangerous even without a mad scientist running the offense; Ohio State has shown vulnerability at times before waking up in the second half, at least in most games. It's possible that a win here could lead to a rematch in Indianapolis.

It won't happen, though. OSU is vulnerable to RPOs, Nick Bosa has shut it down for the season, David Blough looks like he's been running this offense for four years, and Rondale Moore is due for four quarters of explosiveness. Nick Holt has adjusted to mask Purdue's vulnerabilities on defense time and time again, and Spencer Evans is waiting for the chance to drill a 60-yarder. 

Not Saturday. It's probably just going to be the boring type of game where the Good Guys look overmatched from the first quarter, even though that's happened just once in 19 games under Jeff Brohm. The weather will be great, the place will be sold out, it'll be on national TV, the Boilers have never lost to OSU in a year that featured a BS Summit ... but, you know, it'll probably be what most people are expecting.

Ohio State 41, Purdue 26

P.S. Probably.



I really liked what we saw from Purdue last week, but that tends to happen when you play Illinois. God bless the Illini; seems they can make anyone feel good about themselves. 

Ohio State is a different beast altogether, emphasis on the “beast.” They are legit national title contenders, and they should strike fear in the hearts of all future opponents. Purdue is not there yet. But could they still win? Sure! But let’s look at what they’d need: mistake-free quarterbacking, a big game from someone other than Rondale Moore, maybe 150 yards rushing? Oh yeah, and they’re gonna need to turn OSU over and limit big plays. 

It’s going to be tough for sure, and I’m not quite ready to predict a Purdue win. But I’ll be watching with hope in my heart. We should know by the end of the first half of Purdue has a chance. Today, I think OSU wins, 45-32



Brutus seems to be legitimately bothered/worried...that’s not great news.

If Haskins can stretch the field, Purdue is in big trouble. Purdue’s DBs need to show us something they haven’t shown us this season.

Brohm’s signature win will happen...not this week.

anOSU 38

The Purdue University 27



David Blough has been one of the highest performing quarterbacks in the country after Jeff Brohm opened up the whole playbook, and as a charter member of Team Blough this makes me incredibly happy. But, as Michael said, this OSU team is frightening. Nobody will come close to #1 Alabama when the Tide are clicking, but #2 Ohio State has one of those teams that could capitalize in the CFB playoff with one or two lucky breaks going its way.  

J Money chronicled the recent weirdness of OSU-Purdue, so that might be a way to trick ourselves into thinking Purdue stands a chance. You can even make the parallel that Jeff Brohm and Rondale Moore are Ryan Kerrigan-like game changers for Purdue, and that's paid off in these seemingly-unwinnable matchups vs Ohio State. 

But...this is the only game of the season where I don't think Purdue stands any chance. Ohio State won't be looking past Purdue, Urban is looking to solidify the nonsense "comeback story" narrative, and they'll want to end this one early. The spread is 13 points to OSU, and I think they cover.

OSU 48, Purdue 24


J Money:

I believe I’ve picked Purdue to win every game this season, so I’m 3-3 just like Purdue is. As much as I want to believe it’ll happen and as much as I do believe this is the coaching staff that could very well do it, I think Purdue’s young defense just won’t be able to hold OSU down enough.

Ohio State 44
Purdue 33


BS Readers:

The readers were not confident.

OSU 86%, Purdue 14%


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