Season Predictorama – The Reader Vote

Season Predictorama – The Reader Vote

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So what do the fans think? So glad you didn’t ask.

Let’s get right to the results of the BS fan polls for the games this season. In the end, the fans think Purdue is cruising towards a potential ten-win season and I love every bit of that.

Purdue vs. Northwestern: Purdue 91%, NW: 9%

That’s right, 91% say Purdue over a ten-win squad. The confidence is brimming. 1-0.

Purdue vs. EMU: Purdue 98%, EMU: 2%

Okay, fine. The one patsy on the schedule. 2-0.

Purdue vs. Missouri: Purdue 92%, Mizzou: 8%

You’re all insane. You’re my kind of insane but still. Missouri may have been buggywhipped by Purdue on their own turf last year, but Missouri is not a gimme, as this vote would seem to suggest. 3-0.

Purdue vs. BC: Purdue 85%, BC 15%

Ah, so the Golden Eagles have a chance. Another good team, really. Remember, Purdue has one of the toughest schedules in the country. 4-0.

Purdue @ Nebraska: Nebraska 69%, Purdue 31%

Hard to argue this. Winning in Lincoln is hard. 4-1.

Purdue @ Illinois: Purdue 100%, Illinois 0%

Aw, no love for Santa Lovie. But here we are, readers of Boiled Sports saying a conference win on the road is a 100% gimme. What a time to be alive. 5-1.

Purdue vs. OSU: OSU 86%, Purdue 14%

With College GameDay in town and the 5-1 Boilers ranked, normalcy returns as Purdue drops a hotly contested game to the Buckeyes. 5-2.

Purdue @ MSU: MSU 81%, Purdue 19%

This one is a little odd to me as Purdue has actually played MSU very tough when they’ve needed to. However, hard to argue that a road game at Sparty is a tough task. 5-3.

Purdue vs. Iowa: Purdue 76%, Iowa 24%

All depends on where the Ferentz Wheel of Seasons stops. Is this another shocking 11 win squad? Or an inconsistent bunch that farts out 6 wins including blowout wins over top ten teams and losses to unranked squads? Who can say? 6-3.

Purdue @ Minnesota: Purdue 94%, Minnesota 6%

Not a lot of faith in the gimmick that is PJ Fleck. I do look forward to Jeff Brohm owning wittle Peej. 7-3.

Purdue vs. Wisconsin: Wisconsin 88%, Purdue 12%

The closest to a sharpie loss the BS readership sees. 7-4.

Purdue @ Indiana: Purdue 98%, IU 2%

IU took the player names off their jerseys this season. Team over individual. Fine, Purdue will whip the entire Hoosier team equally. 8-4.


So the readers who voted on have come up with an 8-4 season, with really no games being on the fence or within a margin for errors. Over on the insane factory that is Twitter, BS readers voted for a 9-3 season, with several very close shaves. Among them, the game vs OSU (55%-45%, OSU) and at Nebraska (which the voters there have Purdue coming out on top by a vote of 54%-46%). I’m not gonna lie – we’ll take 8 or 9 wins heading into a bowl game. We’re not fussy.

Also, you’re all my kind of crazy.


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