The Return of the Predicto

The Return of the Predicto

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It’s time for one of the (only) longest-running features at Boiled Sports – the Predicto – wherein we tell you what’s going to happen that week. 

In past years, we often droned on about what we thought would happen – but nobody has that kind of patience anymore. So for 2018, we’ll be focusing more on our game predictions and we’ll try to put in a photo of a shiny explosion or something to keep your attention. 

Anyway, this season Purdue begins the season in an exciting way:

  • On a Thursday night, under the lights
  • In the first FBS vs. FBS game of the season
  • Against a conference foe
  • Versus a ten-win team from 2017

(Credit: @BoilerFootball)

Sure, it’s only Northwestern, but all those things remain true. As you can see from the photo here (which is among the best photos of Ross-Ade I’ve seen in years), the motion P at midfield is now gold instead of black and there is a train track border at both ends of the field, among other tweaks. The new sound system is also in and there is a perfectly annoying train horn now replacing the whistle. I imagine it will infuriate opposing fans.

As for the game, it’s hard to remember a time when a season was starting with more excitement. Purdue finished off an amazing comeback last season, to win out after falling to 4-6 in mid-November with a loss to….Northwestern. Yes, that’s right, Purdue’s last loss was to these very Wildcats. Jeff Brohm has the Purdue faithful believing and expecting truly big things in the very near future, which feels like it begins now.

So what do the guys here at this fan-run, not-for-profit website think? Let’s take a look, and this year we’re be factoring in the fans’ vote from the preseason polls we ran on both our site and on Twitter. Sure, that’s not entirely fair in a month or two but life isn’t fair, either. Sue us. (No, wait, don’t actually.)


Aneesh the Swamy

Winner: Purdue

Score: 41-31


Michael the Hank

Winner: Purdue

Score: 24-17


Dave the Old

(aka zlionsfan)

Winner: Purdue

Score: 41-26


Boiler the Dowd

Winner: Purdue

Score: 38-35


J the Money

Winner: Purdue

Score: 45-33

BS logo transparent.png

Winner: Purdue

Vote: 93% Purdue - 7% Northwestern

NW Predicto table.jpg

From the peanut gallery:

“I was tempted to pick NU because of Purdue’s youth and inexperience at both WR and on defense, coupled with a platoon QB system featuring two players coming off serious injury. But instead I’ll allow my prediction to be an article of faith in Jeff Brohm. Purdue wins, 24-17.” –Michael

“Too much emotion and all-around good juju in Ross-Ade for the slow-starting 'Cats. Too close for clean pants.” –Boilerdowd  

 “I miss having hair.” –Dave

Let’s all start our weekend early this Thursday evening at 8 PM on ESPN. Choo-choo.

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