Are EMUs Friendly? A BS Predicto Investigation

Are EMUs Friendly? A BS Predicto Investigation


Well, it all depends on who’s doing the stroking*. As for whether the EMUs from the north are friendly, we’ll need to see on Saturday. Fortunately, we’re here to tell you in advance what will happen because, as you saw last week, we’re really good at that.

Purdue comes off their opening night loss to Northwestern a reportedly angry team. They felt they should have won and you can certainly make an argument on how it could have happened. Losing by four when you give away 21 points on interceptions certainly seems like it was one that slipped away, but I’m also sure Northwestern would have played a bit differently in the second half had they needed to.

For Eastern Michigan, this should be one of the few gimmes on the schedule. It’s at home, it’s EMU and Purdue is coming off a game where they feel they missed an opportunity. The BS guys think it should be a strong showing. (Of course, everyone thought it would be a strong showing last week, too, and we're all 0-1.)



Purdue wins, 45-24



Purdue wins, 42-17



Purdue wins, 41-13


J Money

Purdue wins, 35-17



Purdue wins, 31-17


BS Readers

Purdue, 98%

(Photo credit: Pat Lovell, USA Today Sports)

EMU predicto grid.jpg

Says here that the Boilermaker would be victorious. 

From the peanut gallery:

“I’m not *worried* about the defense, but maybe that’s a tiny lie. I think that unit will look much better at the end of the season vs now. I should have trusted my instincts last week so I’ll trust mine again now. No huge blow out, but a convincing win for sure.” – Michael

“Last year, Purdue dominated its second game of the year, a Friday night game vs Ohio, after a close loss against a borderline top 25 Louisville. History might not repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme.” –Swamy

“Since Rod Hull passed away years ago (St. Patrick's Day 1999, or so Wikipedia says), I think the Boilermakers are safe. It'll take a while to rebuild, but that applies more to the teams at the top of the list; beating the teams closer to the bottom is more of an expectation than a hope. (Thankfully, no Rutgers this year, but Illinois might be the same thing.)” – Dave  

My guessing was almost good last week, but too many interceptions dug a hole that a historically-significant debute from Moore couldn't overcome. Angry Boilermakers beat happy EMUs...Purdue QBs both shine and Moore only racks up around 200 all-purpose yards. Look for one big chunk on a kickoff. Offensive explosion and defensive domination. – Boilerdowd


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