The Popular Spreadsheet Schedule

You may well have seen this in the past couple of years (I know I've had it sent to me a number of times) but each year somebody out there creates an Excel spreadsheet with every single Divison 1 football program in it with their schedules. It's organized by conference and perhaps the coolest simple little thing about it is that every school's helmet is represented. Hey, it might be the only time Buffalo sees their helmet displayed.

It's also a really handy thing to have. Who is has the gimmicky-est opening game matchup in the Big Ten? (How about Northwestern playing Northeastern?) How has Hawaii racked up so many 60-point, six-passing-TD games by Colt Brennan? (They play two -- two! -- Division I-AA schools in addition to their patsy WAC schedule.) The answers are all here.

Thanks to Cobra Brigade for making the spreadsheet a downloadable link. I could have done that but I'm too lazy.

Share it with your friends! Share it with your rivals! Predict outcomes with ease! Know the answers whenever somebody asks who Louisiana-Lafayette is playing in Week 5! Look at Notre Dame's schedule and make yourself giddy knowing that it's not completely far-fetched for them to start Jimmy Claussen's multiple-Heisman tenure under TD Hey-soos at 0-5!

The possibilities are limitless, much like Tim's abilities in the sack.

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