Indictment of Implausibility

As Michael Vick's counsel has finally convinced him that what he's done might be a little serious, his case reminds me of an interesting and extremely-related topic.

ESPN's credibility as a network is once again suspect.

Vick's plea bargain will probably yield him at least a year in prison...So, he'll miss the '07 and much of the '08 seasons while hanging out with his people in the big house. After keeping it real with them, he'll probably get a one-to-three year ban from the NFL. My math tells me that will make Mr. Vick over 30 (best case scenario) by the time he gets back on the field in the league. That's not a good thing for a guy who needs his legs & knees as much as #7 does.

Happy Birthday, Hayden!

What's not to like?