Counterpoint: They're just kids

I grew up off of 38th street in Indianapolis. And like most of the guys Purdue is currently recruiting, I was a pretty good student.  But that didn't stop me from talking in a way that didn't indicate that when around my friends.  I used to make my parents and older brother pretty angry with my talk, and the way I walked and dressed...but honestly, I didn't give a damn.  And I don't think a recruit should care too much about what a website says about the way he Tweets, either.

J asked me to look over one of our new contributor's posts yesterday...and my first response was that I thought she sounded like my Mom.  One of my pet peeves is when people switch 'there' and 'their' or 'your' and 'you're'...but when a teenager's grammar isn't up to snuff on Twitter, honestly, I could care less.

There is a lot of absolute garbage on Twitter-  It can be the worst of people's emotions displayed in a uber-condensed 140 characters at a time...But I haven't seen that from any of the guys Purdue has offered.  Perhaps that's because I don't really tend to follow these kids too closely until they're nearly on campus, or maybe it's because most of Purdue's recruits don't post in this way all that often.  This idea comes from me not wanting to sound like Rabjohns (or others) chasing around a guy that's less than half of my's pretty creepy.  But also, I don't want to look like a buffoon and feel like one if they decide to play elsewhere.

A 14, 15, 16 year old kid loves the attention received virtually and elsewhere because he's good at playing a game...and gets plenty of it elsewhere.  If Nikki tweaks a guy a bit because she doesn't like his grammar, I guess it's not a huge deal.  I disagreed with her post, but I don't think it's the deal that some of you are making it out to be. At BS, we've always prided ourselves listening to other opinions...even though our new contributors are posting on the site, we don't agree with everything they think/write...this morning's post is an example of that.

If you don't like it, by all means, let us know...discussion and even argument is a good thing.  But if you could, don't respond with curse-laced, name-calling diatribes...We don't have any time for that.

We've decided to pull the post from earlier this morning- not because of the disagreement it brought up, but because we feel it didn't represent what this site stands for.

We have a couple bedrock foundations that we live by- we'll always rip on the administration and coaches before going after a kid.  The guys that are paid a decent wage should be able to take the criticism of a couple of alums, especially if it's level-headed and reasoned.  We don't like criticizing current players, generally...unless they're doing something personally that's detrimental to the team or the university.  A recruit that doesn't use correct grammar isn't really hurting anybody...that's why we pulled the post.  Plus, a kid who might be interested in coming to Purdue to literally sacrifice his body and all of his free time for the name on the front of the jersey shouldn't be the topic of a negative post, unless there's a character issue...I have no reason to believe there's one here, so the post is gone.

Thanks as always for coming to the site.

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