Hey Andy Katz, let's talk for a moment...

Earlier today, a couple people told us about you (Andy Katz) giving Purdue some credit for its early season performance...We had to look it up ourselves. Here it is.

First off, I think its good that you were able to admit you were wrong- hats off, Andy for doing so. Many others in your profession haven't done so, nor will they do so about our Boilers. Fox's Goodman and others come to mind.

But an experts like yourself, Mr. Katz supposedly watch a lot of basketball. Now, if you've watched Purdue since Painter took over, you knew that his system (and its success) is based first and foremost on defense. You also knew that two of the best defenders in America (Johnson and Moore) were returning along with Jackson who is an amazing on-ball defender, and Byrd and Barlow who showed signs of being great defenders last season...and have been rock solid defensively this season. Hummel's loss hurt and continues to smart. But, his loss wasn't worth a 20-spot drop in the polls like you and others. All of you media types could have avoided embarrassment and this very situation had you simply looked at the facts instead of working yourselves up into a froth when Rob went down.

There are plenty of one-man teams in America. EVERYONE knew Purdue wasn't that, yet everyone treated Purdue like they were nothing without Hummel. From the coach down to the fans, everyone misses number four. But, not one member of the team expected a significant drop off in the quality of play because the system doesn't change, and the guys on the roster know their role within it.

Katz, you and the rest of the national media has left Purdue for dead...Twice actually, in the last 9 months. They're far from dead- ask Beilein and Co. at Michigan. In fact, they're getting into rhythm...and the third-leading scorer on the roster hasn't been playing for four weeks. So, while I as a person appreciate anytime someone admits they are wrong and means it, as a fan, I don't really want to hear it. Your employer has helped create a monster- a machine that is based on large, flippant, asinine statements and opinion-laced pseudo-journalism that strives to get attention first, entertain second and get research last.

I'm glad the BTN exists and EsPN is no longer the only game in town. It forces people like you to have some culpability...but not enough, in my opinion.

So thanks...but no thanks.

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