Who We Are Not

We're not Deadspin. We aren't going to post 50 times a day or scour the internet for every single amusing post on other blogs.

We're not unbiased. We aren't going to pretend we look at sports with an unbiased eye. We, just like everyone else, do exactly that. Otherwise, why would we be watching?

We're not going to be very nice. We can sometimes be bitter and are often gleeful when certain teams/universities/players/coaches are losing. We like it even more when teams get walloped after the whole world slurps up on them for a while. For purposes of this example, we'll call these teams "Notre Dame."

We're not in agreement on many things. Part of what might make this interesting (or intolerable, depending on how you look at it) is that we're all different and from different parts of these United States.

We're not sure what we're going to say. We've got many opinions and have many (arguably) interesting debates and discussions about sports. Our conversations might include the following topics:

  • Purdue football and why we don't love Joe Tiller so much anymore
  • Being a Cleveland sports fan and the homicidal tendancies it causes
  • Whether rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for the IRS
  • Purdue jersey selection
  • What commercials are okay and what aren't
  • Why Notre Dame is the root of all evil
  • Why it's so hard to measure Charlie Weis' arrogance
  • Why the baseball season is so long
  • Who the biggest idiot calling games is
  • Whether hockey deserves to exist
  • How much we love watching women's sports

Okay, so I just made most of those up. We'll see what we write about. We might be funny. We might be angry. We really don't know.

Ah Cleveland, how doth I love thee?

Being a Purdue Fan

Being a Purdue Fan