Brock Spack Sounds Like a Jilted Lover

I bet you didn't think you'd hear a whole lot more about ole Brock on this site. But, as you know, we like to keep up on former Boilermakers and Brock's actually done a nice job at Illinois State (and the flavor-saver seems to be doing well). However, his O-coordinator just left him after only one year -- to go back to where he came from.

And Brock sounds like his date didn't show up on prom night:

“I was pretty adamant about a two-year commitment (when hiring assistants a year ago). I thought a two-year commitment was a two-year commitment.”

And we thought good defensive coordinators produced good defenses. Just saying.

“I’m dumbfounded he would be here one year and go back to the place he wanted to get out of,” said Spack. “I put a lot of stock in loyalty. He did a good job. I wish him well. I just wish he was more forthright a year ago.”

You know, Brock, when there are pictures out there like the one below, you really should choose your words more carefully than to say you're "dumbfounded."

Brock is dumbfounded.

(Thanks to Gregg Z for the tip.)

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