Guest-Starring Role for BS

And now a quick programming note.

The guys over at the esteemed Victoria Times asked us if we'd be willing to help fill in on their site while the two main numbskulls there are off at the wedding of one of them.

Boilerdowd has something of a rapport with Ryan, one of the co-editors there and he made the mistake of asking us if we could help out and guest-blog for them on Sunday. Well, Boilerdowd's out of town this weekend and Tim doesn't even post here, so that leaves... me. Heh. I told them that I'd do my best to bring down his site in just one day.

Hey, Jay Leno was always a guest host and then he got the gig.

Anyway, so if you're bored this weekend go on over and check it out. Barry Melrose Rocks will be handling Saturday and I'll be helping myself to the cookie jar on Sunday.

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