Weekend Sports Notes (CMigrator copy 4)

Series might not come to a pause
According to a few different sources, the Purdue/UND series might not be put on pause in a few seasons as UND was reporting a while back. Jack Swarbick sees the importance of the second-longest running rivalry on the Irish's schedule.

Purdue and UND have beel playing eachother consecutively since the mid-40s...Navy since the 20s.

While I really don't want to see the Manatee and co. removed from Purdue's schedule, I really don't want to hear about Morgan Burke kissing Swarbick's ass to get a deal done. So if they start acting like the stuck-up ladies that they are during negotiations, let 'em go, Morgan.

Meat in the MMA
Former Purdue team clown and DT, Matt Mitrione will be heading a new direction as an athlete and entertainer in the near future. He'll be fighting in the MMA by way of a reality series in which a handful of former NFL players will be trying to make a new name for themselves in the same venue. Good luck, Meat!

Following in his whiny Daddy's footsteps

Marco Takes Over His Rightful seat
For a few years, Danica has held the throne as the whiny princess on AGR...Not anymore.

After a 3-or-4 lap battle with Patrick, Andretti overtook 5th place in the Bombardier 550. He went on to finish in that place. But that wasn't enough for Andretti. He of course had to get all bitchy after the race telling everyone that Danica doesn't understand the AGR team attitude as do the other three drivers who race for his Dad.

Hmmm. This is the same guy who's taken out his team mates on multiple occassions (Franchitti and Kanaan in different seasons)...the same guy who never takes responsibility for anything...and the most-recent target of his vitriolic speak is Ms. Patrick.

Danica is a whiner, generally...but this season she's pretty much kept her mouth shut and done her job...finishing in the top-5 more already, than she has in any previous season. But she's a free agent, so you can decide if she's actually grown up or she's just mimicking a Diva NFL WR in the same position.

Tiger's Back
Woods did something he usually doesn't do- won while not starting in the final group on Sunday. He was 4 back at the beginning of the day...and charged to a six-stroke differential on the day to win going away at the Memorial...The US Open at the monsterous Bethpage Black Course is just two weekends away.

Fed wins 14
Roger Federer won his 14th Grand Slam event in France yesterday as he edged closer to becoming the greatest player ever. Federer has never had great success on clay, but Nadal's exit from the tournament opened the door and he completed the job. Hopefully next year he has a chance to go through Rafa to win it so tennis snobs won't put an asterisk by this year's victory.

I really don't think this win is as noteworthy as his comments after the tournament. He was interviewed by EsPN later in the day and really wasn't too humble at all. The interviewer asked if he felt that like Sampras/Agassi, did Nadal make him a better player. He responded that he didn't think so...and instead, the rest of the men's professional tennis world should be thanking him for forcing them to raise their collective games. While he might be somewhat correct because he was so dominant in his early career, Nadal has pistol-whipped him on quite a few occassions in the last few years. False humility a la Kobe after game 2 of the finals isn't impressive, but neither is overly-compensatory cockiness when speaking of his biggest rival.

Nobody Likes Us.

Remembering Normandy