Fact Fondue - Brutus

My free time this week has been spent watching the updates from Happy Valley and since my 7:30 was canceled today, I didn't have that opportunity to work on this post either.

We need more of this

This is going to be short and sweet, just like Fickle's tenure at O$U. Fondue's on.

  • Hayes' hall is not named after legendary coach Woody Hayes; It is named for Rutherford B. Hayes who pressured congress to allow another University to be founded in Ohio instead of turning either Miami (of Ohio) or Ohio University into a land grant.
  • Listed as of 2000 as a public Ivy
  • In 2004, a team of OSU students designed and built a fully electric car that broke the world record for speed of an electric vehicle. Called the Buckeye Bullet, they have built 2 more and both have set new records
  • Ohio State is one of two teams to appear in both the Men's basketball and football championship games in the same calendar year. The other was Florida. Both in 2007. Florida won both meetings. Umad?
  • Archie Griffin - OSU Running back - first/only player to start in 4 Rose Bowls, only player to win the Heisman twice - 74, 75
  • E. Gordon Gee was actually president twice: 1990-98; 2007-Now
  • Famous Alumni
    • Jesse Owens
    • 5 Astronauts
    • Both Ohio Senators, and one from Delaware
    • Urban Meyer
    • Get this - Glenn 'Bo' Schembechler. If you don't know why this is a surprise, google it

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