I'll Say It: Raise Another Banner, Tommy!

It's kind of old news by now, but we thought we'd remind you that IU basketball is back! The Movement has done exactly what it was supposed to do...it's brought IU back to the levels of RMK and co, right?

-Big wins? No arguing here-  Beating top-10 teams isn't something that's debatable.  IU beat a few of the best teams in America...at home...and when it counted the most: In December and January.

-Atmosphere? Hells yes! The Ass. Hall is nearly as obnoxious of a place as it was when a red sweater used to ride up the most famous gut in all of the land.

In IU's defense though, the die-hards never left...well except those who didn't like the fact that a minority coach or two was hired...but I digress.

The Good Ole Days are back!!!

-Trophies? Kinda.  I know IU fans are clamoring for the good ole days...and why wouldn't they? Players being head-butted, strangled and berated by their beloved coach...students getting physically accosted by the very same big lug.  Secretaries getting things thrown at them, public property being damaged.  *Sigh* those were the days.

I don't like Tom Crean and his nervous antics too much...and while he's no where near the gameday coach that Knight was, the dude is a badass on the recruiting trail (seriously).  I won't argue that.  And IU fans LOVE their players!!*

-Banners? Some say "YES!" A trophy case that commemorates two wins in the tournament just isn't enough...these guys deserve to be alongside undefeated National Championship teams...AmIright??

Pointing out the inconsistencies of this fanbase, especially in this case is easy for a middle-schooler to do. No Purdue fan, myself or anyone else, can argue that IU's National Titles are not noteworthy...not with a straight face anyway. Winning one national title is difficult...winning five is incredible. Sure, It's ancient history by modern sports standards...and no typically-aged undergrad student in Bloomington was even a glimmer in his pappy's eye in 1987.  But they all talk about it as if they had front row seats for Keith Smart's shot (I actually was watching that game live...on my parent's tube television...through a cable box that included an analog rotary dial). No matter- hats off to the King's head coach and former Hawkeye HC!

I'll encourage all of my fellow Purdue fans to do one thing- at minimum bite your tongue when IU fans start talking about the greatness of last year's squad.  They did, after all, sweep our Boilers.  But more-importantly than that, let them wax poetically about a shot taken in December, or almost beating the eventual National Champ by the razor-thin margin of 12 points. Anyone who's not wearing clown pants, and who has ever watched college basketball, will quickly recognize the stupidity and ridiculous nature of their statements.  Encourage the IU fans to talk...cultivate their delusions. And then, maybe when they step off of their soap box, and give you a moment of quiet, you can mention that Purdue's back-to-back Sweet 16s in the last four years, 3-year sweep of IU, February in which they beat three top-12 teams and how getting beaten by eventual FF and National Championship teams tournament multiple didn't get a banner, special case, or even plaque in Mackey Arena...and shouldn't have.

*Until they're rendered useless by the introduction of a newer and shinier model.

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