Making Promises We Probably Can't Keep

Okay, so the year is winding down and Boiled Sports blew past the one-year marker in November without us even mentioning the feat or getting a cake or having celebratory massages together. Yet here we are, nearing the end of 2007 and with all the changes that have gone on (me getting married, Tim getting married, Boilerdowd declaring his love for Drew Brees), it's perhaps time to change things up here at BS.

We're thinking sometime in the new year we'll perk things up around here, much like the nipples so often seen on Sideboob Fridays. You'll probably see a new layout, rather than this generic one that we selected from the litany of generic offerings from Blogger. We're even working on some fancier graphics to make this kind of a unique place. How fancy? Well, we're not fancy-boy ND fans so don't expect it to be too foofy.

Of course, all this could go down the pooper if we get lazy or disinterested in spicing it up (always a possibility). After all, you come here for the brilliant prose, not the look and feel? Am I right or am I right? Or am I right?

So regarding the site revamp, we promise you this: We'll think about it.

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