Purdue Basketball Recruiting Class #4

Alright, I'll admit it- I didn't think it would happen. I didn't think Purdue would sign a top-ten rated basketball class this year (let alone, top 5). I figured, Coach Sanctions would steal one or two of the Purdue verbals, one of them would decide to drive drunk into someone, Huggins would get all four to change their minds (that dude is a clean coach) or there would simply be a couple late-additions to the likes of Duke's, Illinois', MSU's or UNC's incoming class at Purdue's expense.

Well, the poison that I drank during Keady's last five seasons may actually be leaving my system and the positve attitude and hustle that Matt Painter has displayed seems to be rubbing off on recruits and alums alike...I'm beginning to believe that Purdue can be important in college basketball again; I'm stoked about it. Sure, spending my winters working on my sculpted physique is appreciated by my wife, but, it's time to get back to watching basketball again...Old friend, I've missed you. I never gave up on my Boilers, by the way, they just weren't on TV...for some reason, having single-digit-win seasons isn't attractive to ESPN and the like.

Scout.com Rankings ("They're real and they're spectacular"):
1. KSU
2. Syracuse
3. Duke
4. Purdue
5. MSU

Oh yeah, our Boilers also crushed Wisconsin (Platteville) tonight...so it was a great night to be a Boilermaker.

Here's the team picture for '06-'07:

Santa Clara 49ers

This isn't Pac-Man!