The Boiled Sports Handsome Hour Reminder

Remember, set your alarm clock so you can remember to listen to us go on and on about how pissed off the Northern Illinois game made us. And then we'll be talking about the upcoming matchup with Notre Dame -- a program we detest equally as much as Charlie Weis loves Devil Dogs. It'll be an angry show. Is there any other way?

The BS Handsome Hour Podcast and Variety Hour Chainsaw Juggling Show.

(We're still working on the name.)

Tonight at 11 PM Eastern, 10 PM Central, 9 PM Mountain. (Screw Pacific.)

{Note, for this week, we're doing it an hour later.}

Callers are welcome at any time at (347) 945-5560. Just dial in and hit 1 when you're ready to let us know you want to talk. We'll do our best not to leave you hanging. Oh, and there are no rules... ask questions, give answers, vent, talk about whatever you want. Come on, come keep us company.

It's one of two things...

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