EMU Win: Unprecedented Game

This might not matter to many of you...but once upon a time, we wrote this site just to get stuff off of our chest about Purdue to our pals.  We didn't have rules because we didn't have many readers...outside of about 5-10 friends.  We'd write about Purdue football, and follow it up with politics...then talk about our favorite stadiums or women on TV. Every now and again, you'll see some of that nonsense creep in here...and on cue, we'll get quickly reminded of how we are here to entertain some of you specifically in only pre-approved ways.

But, even before we had readers...or the site, I religiously watched Purdue football on Saturdays. Back when I got out of school, I was told by co-workers that my passion for my alma mater's football and basketball teams would eventually cool to the point in which my Saturdays wouldn't revolve around the black and gold.  Well, 15 years later, my misguided co-workers' predictions haven't come true...but for the first time in about 20 years, I missed a Purdue football game last weekend...so in a way, my old co-workers were Nostrodamus-esque as they foresaw this trip in their collective crystal ball a mere two decades later.

Hell, a 9 years ago, when Purdue squared off against Wake Forest on the day of my brother's wedding, my brothers, Dad and I all found our way to a TV screen between pre-ceremony photos in order to make sure we'd still see the game...but two Saturdays ago, it was out of my control, and my streak was broken.

Along with a couple of my friends, I've started a company...and my corresponding travel schedule this month has been a bit of a meat grinder. I avoided missing the UND game; and Purdue nearly delivered an unexpected victory.  But this week, the story changed- I couldn't get to a TV or radio...and Purdue comforted me by delivering a comfortable victory...as expected.

"Watching" a game via numbers and stats on an application on your phone is only good when your favorite team gives you something to ease your concerns...and continues to predictably pour it on and leave no doubt of victory. But, if Purdue shellacks a crappy team and there are no highlights, did the game count?

Well, of course it does, but reading about the game and seeing still photos of big runs doesn't tell me all I need to know about scampers from Cottom, Shavers, Hunt and Anthrop.  BTN didn't have full-game highlights, nor did EsPN.com...which leaves the runs to my imagination...but the most-important stat doesn't lie- Purdue won another game handily, and their ability to make big plays doesn't seem to be affected by whom is playing quarterback...that's something we can all take heart in.

I DVR'd the game, and look forward to watching it next week, but first, our Boilers have to take care of business vers the Thundering Herd- a game that my co-founding pal of BS, J, has worried about since he saw the schedule a while back.  And speaking of J, let me publicly say thanks to him- he's run the site admirably without any help from me.  While many sites have a staff of 5-50 writers providing content, here at old school BS, it's really just J and I.  Sure, we tried to get some help last Spring, but they haven't been too interested in contributing this season. I don't begrudge them for it...instead, I'm just appreciative that the site keeps chugging along with one arm tied behind its figurative back.

I can't wait 'til Saturday though- this is a chance for Purdue to slay some demons that Danny Hope helped create.  And while I don't really know what happened v. EMU in Ross Ade, my eyes along with other results across the football landscape seem to be reinforcing the idea that my Boilers are a pretty damned good football team.  They can stop the run, they can run the ball, they're sure tackling and veteran-led.

Last year, when things were good, Hope and the staff seemed to let their collective guard down and poop the bed each time a sniff of success reared its head.  I feel like this year is different...and Saturday Hope, KK, Shavers and co. have a chance to prove it.  Hopefully, I'll be able to find a TV with BTN in  the heart of SEC country to see it with my own eyes...missing two in a row might be too much for me to bear.

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